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Welcome to Jedlička Design

Jedlička Design is a sustainability-focused design firm whose clients sell on the world market, or just down the street. Our clients include brand owners, distributors, and discreetly, other design firms.

Our Services Include:


+ Graphic Design (for Print or Web)

+ Mono and Multi Lingual Packaging

+ Packaging Structural Design

+ POP/POS Display

+ Concept to Press Art Production


+ Strategic Branding

+ Package Sourcing and Project Management*

+ Sustainability Consulting

+ Sustainability Training

+ Sustainability Presentations

Accounts Served:
3M (OH&ESD, Data Storage, Tape Group), Target Corporation, Toro Corporation, Redmond Products, University of Minnesota, First Team Sports, Northern Tool and Equipment, Verbatim, Sprint, Pepsi, Del Monte.

Pro Bono Clients Served:
o2-USA, o2-USA/Upper Midwest, American Lands/Upper Midwest, Women's Art Registry of Minnesota, Alliance for Sustainability.

New to Packaging Design?
Take a moment and look over our article on the page "Starting a Packaging Project." For those of you starting your first project or unhappy with projects you've done before, maybe it's time to look (or re-look) at what's involved in doing a package right. You'll be surprised how little it takes to get the most from your design.

*Note: Jedlička Design is not a reseller of packaging materials, but a full service design firm. We are not aligned with a particular packaging manufacturer, and so are free to find vendors and solutions best tailored to fit the client's need and distribution scheme. For many of our clients, as well as developing design and strategy solutions, we also act as their vendor agent and fully oversee, or help the client set-up, their packaging management system.

Working with Jedlička Design:
If you've never hired creative professionals before, please request our basic working terms to help you get a feel for how a design project runs.

Contact Information

Jedlička Design LLC
(001) 651-636-0964

Quotes and general information
inquiries [at] jedlicka [dot] com

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