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After River died, Mark was frantic to have yet another cat. And too, Muz was missing having a little friend to chase bugs with. In 2006 we took-in another designer "rescue." Oh sure they were from a great breeder who really cares for each and every cat they bring into this world -- but Muz was an oops baby, River a retired showgirl, and Zoe never seemed to fit-in anywhere.

When we got Zoe, she was a "teen" girl, and fully feisty. Interestingly, Muz suddenly went from being the thuggy brat to the patient "older brother" almost instantly. Maine Coon males are known for their "long suffering"ness, especially when it comes to kittens. They'll just sit there and have their tail chewed on, or whatever mischief is being lobbed at them.

Granted, given how much fluff the boy sports, he probably doesn't feel a thing, but Zoe is relentless. BTW: Zoe really often does look like Bill the Cat.

River & Muzik

I didn't want a light colored cat. Let alone 2!
I didn't want 2 designer cats.
I didn't want a male cat.
And I CERTAINLY didn't want another cat so soon.

Mark wore me down.

They're both very sweet.
But I miss Aerope.

Read about Maine Coons:

Read about the breeder:

River: Female, born 2001, about 14lbs.
Born during the big Red River floods in North Dakota.

Muzik: Male, born 2003, about 16lbs. and still growing!
Should be about 20lbs. when full grown.
Name (needs hacek [v] over Z) means little man in Czech.
Looks like Music, Mooj is a cool nickname, and so is Zeak.
Pronounced: Moozjeek

River Update:

River died in 2006 from Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. HCM is a human disease, but it also a common genetic trait of Maine Coons. She was only with us for a few years, but we miss that retired showgirl.

Muz Update:

2009 / He's freak'n HUGE! And yet weighs about the same as his little "cousin" Zoe. The dude is about a meter long from nose to tail-tip and he's alllll fluff.

In memoriam...

Aerope the Cat
1983-ish to
February 22, 2003

AKA: Sebastian, Luff Pocket,
Fuzz Face, Cathead,
Licky the Cat, and Kitty

Thrown out on the street and left to "fend for herself" by her first owners, she walked into my street level office in 1986, seemingly moments after Mark and I signed the lease for an apartment that would let us get a cat.

Though referred to by our cat sitters and friends as the meanest little animal they ever met, she loved:

  • Raw lamb,
  • The starting whir of a hard drive,
  • Her little "50lb" bag of catnip,
  • Polar fleece,
  • Television shows featuring birds,
  • R&B, Frank Black, and Swedish Choirs,
  • Purring in our ears at 5am,
  • Warm patches of sun, wherever they materialized,
  • Mark, and me.

We will miss her creamy creamy belly, her velvety head, her intelligence and conversation - and her instinct for knowing when we needed some lap time. Reserving her true gentle self for just us, we are grateful she chose us to spend her life with.

To all my dear friends:

If you can't find me, you're not looking.

<3 & xs,


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