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Packaging Sustainability:
Tools, Systems and Strategies
for Innovative Package Design

How to take the lead with sustainable packaging design solutions

With initiatives like the Walmart Scorecard in the U.S. and the E.U.'s Packaging Directive, delivering sustainable packaging is now an integral part of today's global competitive market. Written by practitioners from a wide variety of fields, here is a comprehensive, single source of actionable information that enables everyone involved in the design and development process to make smart, informed decisions, opening new possibilities for creating truly innovative solutions.

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Sustainable Graphic Design:
Tools, Systems and Strategies
for Innovative Print Design

A single-source guide to developing sustainable graphic and print design solutions

Graphics and print design are frequently thought of as activities that yield purely decorative results. Their tangible effects are often ignored despite the fact that graphics and print design can be responsible for leveling a forest to produce a barely glanced at catalog or mail piece. By viewing graphic design as a holistic process, and by exploring eco-friendly materials and production techniques, designers can create a more sustainable system of graphic and print design. With information on materials and processes as well as case studies, this is a forward-looking toolkit for design professionals who want to take a more sustainable approach to their work.

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